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Materials to help with promotion of the social media tool Social Jazz. Now available in select states with full rollout coming later this year.

If you’d like something not provided below, please reach out and we will do our best to create it!

As a reminder, we can add your state logo to any of these items by request. 

Promo Flyer

Social Jazz flyer

Magazine Ad

Social Jazz Magazine Ad

Newsletter Copy

Image of newsletter about Social Jazz


Homepage Slider

Image highlighting Social Jazz partnership


We will be sending this email out on your behalf unless instructed otherwise.

Image of Social Jazz Email

Social Jazz Logos


Social Media Graphics

Image of social media icons.              Image of heart and like icons coming from a phoneImage of a phone being held up with Social Jazz calendar.

Image of Social Jazz dashboard.        Image of a social media content calendar

Social Media Graphics with Suggested Post Copy

Social Media graphics with copy

Social Jazz Overview Video