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Independent agents are evolving how they do business by finding new ways to add value to their customers and building solid relationships with carriers.

Agency Survey Results

Check out our four-part series highlighting essential aspects of how independent agents are adapting in this market.

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Part 1: Communication is Critical
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Part 2: Retention and Remarketing
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Part 3: Leveraging Technology Efficiently
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Part 4: Maintaining Team Morale in a Challenging Market
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Full Survey Results
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Agency Case Studies

Trusted Choice interviewed 6 agencies around the country of varying sizes and years in operation to gather and share how they are navigating the Hard Market. Learn about the unique challenges faced by each agency, the solutions they implemented and some key takeaways that you can begin to apply at your agency now.

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Part 1: Creating Ways to Say Yes to High Net Worth Clients
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Part 2: Maintaining Focus on Value During a Challenging Market
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Part 3: Florida's Complex Market
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Part 4: Being Proactive to Overcome the Hard Market
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Part 5: Investing in Internal Support Drives Value
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Part 6: Expanding Your Knowledge to Better Serve Your Clients
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More Resources to Support Your Agency in the Hard Market

The Hard Market Toolkit provides resources that agents can use to navigate the current market conditions:

  • Talking Points
  • Renewal and Remarketing Strategies
  • FAQs
  • Content Templates
  • More

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