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Leveraging AI Content Tools like ChatGPT for Content Creation

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One of the most time-consuming parts of your marketing strategy is probably creating content. You need content for your web pages, social media, advertisements, email marketing, and maybe even a blog. If you don’t have a dedicated writing or marketing person on your team, you may not have the right talent or the time needed to invest in good writing for your content.  

Enter an AI tool like ChatGPT, Jasper, and others.  

While resources like this seem like they do the work for you, we recommend using these tools more as thought starters and outlines. You can use them for brainstorming ideas, starting a draft, or even rewriting specific sentences in a different tone. There are many ways to use AI to speed up your writing, but make sure you edit all its ideas to include your own voice, tips, and specific expertise.  

Here are five tips for how to leverage ChatGPT to write website content for your insurance agency: 

1) Determine the type of content you need.

First, start by thinking about the various types of content for your website, such as blog posts, landing pages, lines of business descriptions, or educational content. You may also have content needs for social media, email marketing, and other advertisements. It’s important to determine the type of content you need so you can tailor your prompts to ChatGPT accordingly. 

2) Use prompts to guide an AI tool.

To use an AI tool like ChatGPT or Jasper effectively, you’ll need to provide it with prompts to guide its content generation. For example, if you want to create a blog post on “5 Ways Home Insurance Can Protect You,” you could provide ChatGPT prompt that look like: 

A short paragraph describing what the article should include. 

The 5 main points you want the article to cover. 

An important information like the state you are in or what tone you would like to use in the writing. 

3) Provide Insurance Industry Context in Your Prompt.

To help an AI tool generate more accurate and relevant content for your insurance agency, it’s important to provide it with context about the industry. This can include information like:  

A profile about your target audience. 

A description of the lines of business you want included. 

A short summary about relevant industry trends.   

Any important modifiers you’d like included like making the context specific to your state.  

Remember to never put any confidential or customer information in your prompt. Remember, if you are using an AI tool for something like a targeted email, you can also add any sensitive information later when you are ready to finalize the content.  

4) Use an AI tool to brainstorm ideas.

Sometimes these AI tools are positioned as tools that can help with long-form content, but you can also use these tools for short-form content and brainstorming. The can help generate thought starters, rewrite a single sentence, or give you ideas for short-form content like social media captions.  

Iin this case, you can provide a general topic or keywork instead of a full prompt. Then let the AI tool generate ideas that you can use for brainstorming or developing further later on.  

5) Edit and refine the Content.

While ChatGPT and Jasper can generate high-quality content, it’s important to remember that it’s still an AI tool and may not always get everything right. That’s why it’s important to edit and refine the content it generates. This can include correcting any errors or inaccuracies, ensuring the content is relevant to your agency, and adding your own unique perspective to the content. 

An AI tool can be valuable for generating high-quality website content for your insurance agency. By providing it with detailed prompts and context, using it to brainstorm ideas, and refining the content it generates, you can create content that engages your audience and helps your insurance agency stand out. 

For more on ChatGPT and how it affects the insurance industry, check out The Impact of ChatGPT on the insurance industry in Independent Agent magazine.  

Kelley Smith
Director of Traffic Generation at Trusted Choice