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Social Media: What Not to Post

Person scrolling Instagram on a phone with coffee

Social media is one of the best ways to digitally promote your agency and the services you offer. However, with the digital marketing power that social media offers, restrictions and discipline apply. Thus, there are a few guidelines that every agent should adhere to on what to and not to post on social media. 

Personal Views 

One of the biggest things to avoid posting on your agency’s social media platforms is any of your personal views. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, the purpose of your social media should be to promote your agency, not your personal opinions. Steer clear of posting anything online pertaining to controversial topics such as politics, social views and religion and try to keep posts as general as possible. 

Negative Things About Customers 

Sometimes accidents happen, and customers can get upset. However, while a customer may be upset and be difficult, be the bigger person and refrain from posting anything negative on social media about them. If a customer leaves you a bad review on social media, take the necessary steps to troubleshoot their problem and make things right, but do not respond back in the same upset manner. Showing good customer service and keeping things positive on social media in order to fix their problem paints your agency in a compassionate light and helps you retain your professional image on social media platforms. 

Unprofessional Content 

Additionally, refrain from posting any unprofessional content on your social media accounts. This serves as a general guideline to steer away from anything that may be too funny, explicit, not safe for workuses profanity or contains any type of socially unacceptable slur.  

When creating and posting social media content, post material should be uplifting, inclusive, promote your agency and be consistent with your agency’s brand. Make sure to always maintain a professional demeanor on social media, as the way you portray your agency digitally carries over into the physical.