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Writing for the Right Audience

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From blogs to social copy, it’s important that you structure your copy to capture the individuals that you are trying to reach. The more targeted the writing, the better the chance of gaining potential customers.  

To aid you in writing more targeted content, adopt a few of these tips into your strategy for reaching your target audience with written content.

Structure the Voice of Your Content

The way you write a press release differs from the way you write a text message. Thus, it’s important to write in the voice of the audience you want to attract.  

For example, if you want to write a blog post on business insurance to target small business owners, write the copy in a way that’s relatable to them. The blog should discuss relevant points, such as the importance of having small business insurance and the liabilities a business faces without it. Writing that small business insurance is necessary because it’s “cool” isn’t going to cut it. That’s the wrong tone of voice for the message and capturing the desired audience.  

Writing in the voice of your target audience allows you to create more relatable and relevant content, making it easier for them to engage with your content and move them further down the funnel towards becoming potential customers.   

Choose Visuals Wisely

In addition to writing content with the right tone of voice, accompany your content with the right visualsVisual elements help to keep people engaged when reading your contentErgo, it’s important to make sure that any visuals you use correspond with the written content 

If you are writing about something urgent, consider using a compelling video or infographic. If you’re writing something to target a specific age group, utilize pictures with subjectof the same age in it to make the images more relatable. However, no matter what message you want the visuals in your copy to covey, utilize diverse images (including subject of different race, age, religion, etc.)People relate and pay more attention to better to things they can make a connection with. Thus, make that visuals not only portray your message but portray the message in a way that a diverse audience can relate to.  

Define the CTA 

Combined with the following points, make sure to properly definyour call-to-action in your writing. Behind all the content you produce, there should be an end goal. Whether it is getting people to view your website, or getting people to call you for a quote, you should write with the purpose of fulfilling the desired goal.  

To ensure that you are reaching your target audience, make sure that you clearly define the call to action that you want them to take. This helps you to define who your target audience better, as well as define a purpose for why you are marketing to that segment 

With targeted content, the chances of attracting and retaining the attention of potential customers becomes a lot easier. Therefore, it is important to define the purpose and person for any copy you write to help drive your mission as an independent agent and business.